Books and publications about the monastery and its surroundings, relating them to their history or to the historical figures that went through it.

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Real Monasterio de San Jerónimo de Cotalba

Authors: Fernando Mut Oltra and Vicente Palmer Terrades.

Editor: Fernando Mut, Gandia (Valencia).
Year: 1999.

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 84-60591166
Pages: 254 pages.


Introduction, St. Jerome, The order, The monastery, The art, Relations with other monasteries, Time line, Complexes in the area, The area, Reading of the building, Ecclesiastical confiscations, Secularisation, The goodbye, Annexes, Archives of the Kingdom of Valencia, National Historical Archive, Historical building declaration, Bibliography and Cartography.

 Sant Jeroni de Cotalba: desintegració feudal i vida monàstica SXVIII i XIX

Author: Jesús Eduard Alonso i López.

Publisher: CEIC Alfons el Vell, Gandia (Valencia).
Year: 1988.

Language: Valencian

ISBN: 84-86927-00-5

Pages: 221 pages.


This study is not just another work about an institution that is significant to the history of a limited local environment. By studying a limited reality, it is our intention to broadly approach an analysis of the social change that led to the contemporary world. In full awareness of the fact that social change can no longer be identified with economic change, the author has aimed to question the mentality and criteria of a religious institution that ended up having an influence over the life and work of men. In the end, all life in an area, mainly centred on Safor and the Vall d’Albaida, revolved around the monks in the Monastery of Sant Jeroni de Cotalba.”

 El Monasterio de San Jerónimo de Cotalba de Gandia

Author: Felipe G. Perles Martí

Publisher: Revista Vall de Bairén, Gandia (Valencia).

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 84-86927-00-5

Pages: 104 pages.

La Baronia de Palma i la casa Tolsà-Moncada

Author: Maite Framis Montoliu

Publisher: La Xara Edicions, Simat de la Valldigna (Valencia).
Year: 2002.

Language: Valencian.

Pages: 103 pages.

Entre senyors, frares i bandolers. Noticia de l’antic terme general del castell de Palma en el S XVII

Author: Vicent Mahiques Roig

Publisher: CEIC Alfons el Vell, Gandia (Valencia).
Year: 2006.

Language: Valencian.
ISBN: 84-86927-92-7

Pages: 343 pages.

Nicolás Borrás Falcó

Author: Various, Town Hall of Cocentaina.

Publisher: Town Hall of Cocentaina (Alicante).
Year: 2010.

Language: Spanish.

Pages: 187 pages.

El arte de la Orden Jerónima: historia y mecenazgo

Authors: Isabel Mateo Gómez, Amelia López-Yarto,  José María Prados García.

Publisher: Encuentro.
Year: 1999.

Language: Spanish.

Pages: 335 pages.
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Monasterios Valencianos: su historia y su arte

Author: Carlos Sarthou Carreres.

Publisher: La Semana Gráfica.
Year: 1943.

Language: Spanish.

Pages: 333 pages.

 Los monasterios valencianos

Author: María Desamparados Cabanes Pecourt

Publisher: Universidad de Valencia. Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, Departamento de Historia Medieval.
Year: 1974.

Language: Spanish.
ISBN: 8460060365

Pages: 329 pages.

Monasterios valencianos

Author: Bernat Montagud Piera

Publisher: Generalitat Valenciana, Conselleria de Cultura, Educació i Ciència.
Year: 1984.

Language: Spanish.
ISBN: 8475790224

Pages: 52 pages.

Els Borja, valencians.

Author: Antoni Atienza i Peñarroja

Publisher: L’Oronella (Valencia).
Collection: Els Fanals de la Terra, nº 6
Year: 2003.

Language: Valencian.
ISBN: 848973741X

Pages: 117 pages.