The Monastery has been the setting for filming movies, series, documentaries and music videos.

The Monastery of Sant Jeroni de Cotalba, founded in 1388 and located 8 km from Gandia (Valencia), is a monument with over 600 years of history and one of the best preserved monuments of the Valencian Community.

Its historical spaces, cloisters and romantic gardens of incomparable and unique beauty, are ideal for filming, shooting movies, series, documentaries, music videos, etc.

The uniqueness of the monastery allows to film both at wide exterior spaces, such as its romantic gardens of 14,000 m2, and at historical interior spaces. We adapt to your filming needs for your total comfort and satisfaction.

The monastery has been the setting chosen for filming different productions, movies, series, documentaries or music videos, such as the movie “22 Ángeles”, directed by Miguel Bardem, the series “Entre dos reinos”, by Miguel Perelló, historical documentaries for RTVV or music videos such as the music video of the Valencian musician, Toni Cotolí.

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